I was a 5 year old kid as a kindergartener when Akuma-kun (literally translated: Boy Demon) was broadcasted in 1966. At that time I liked something depicting mysterious world. In particular, I loved "Ultra Q" and "Akuma-kun"

While I was watching this Akuma-kun, I felt like that something deep in my heart was softly warmed, as being gently knocked, I was wondering "Why I have this kind of feeling when I saw this boy Akuma-kun?". He is Mitsunobu Kaneko. I was thinking "Maybe he should be a senior? I don't know why, but he's lovely". I could hardly wait for a day to watch Akuma-kun, even though I was having a strange feeling and a bit confused with this physical and psychologial changes (!) happenend inside of me. As I look back, Mitsunobu Kaneko is my first love by my love at first sight.

I entered an elementary school and later, broadcast of Akuma-kun and Giant Robo was over, and I built up my own world expanding my interest to other fields. Without my consciousness, it seemed like I packed my love for Mitsunobu into the treasure box at deep inside of my heart, and securely locked. My love for him natually faded out, and calmly disappeared.

Later on, such a long time has been elapsing through going to school, being employed, studying overseas and having jobs. A few years ago in 2002, I enjoyed internet while taking a break on duty, I casually thought "Now I remember the boy who performed in Akuma-kun and Robo!? I haven't heard about him since then." I googled at once. Then first webiste that I hit was "Did Mitsunobu Kaneko die?" by webmaster TAKA.

"Oh nooooo!! What!!?....(@@!!" I went to the website and read cautiosly some lines of the first part, it said that Mitsunobu Kaneko already died in 1997. "That's just not possible!!" I didn't know why, but I did not believe it at all. I thought if I recognized the fact while I was on duty, I could not have worked anymore, so that I didn't read all the page and got back to work right away. I did rejected what I had read, never think about it again, and later a few years passed as well.

In 2008, 42 years passed since broadcasting Akuma-kun. Again I enjoyed internet slacking off the work, I reached the website featuring kids programs in Showa era. While I was being nostalgic for a while, I thought "By the way, Akuma-kun...?", and then "How about Mitsunobu Kaneko..." I googled on internet, and as I thought, there were lots of comment lamenting over his death. "After all, this is true...by the way he is the man of my first love..." And I purchased DVD of Akuma-kun.

When I watched the DVD, I found very lovely Mitsunobu performing as Akuma-kun. He was an innocent, lovely beautiful boy, and very pretty talking as he was a lisping child.


I had a flood of tears, tears and only tears.

I was keep on crying and crying, I didn't know why I cried so much like this. When I was walking a street, getting on a subway train, working on a computer at work, eating something and looking up the sky, tears fell down constantly everywhere. May be just because the lid of the treasure box that I locked in my childhood suddently opened. Although I haven't been conscious for more than 40 years, I always love him truely deep inside of my heart.

He was such a lovely boy, Mitsunobu Kaneko whom I had first experience that my heart thrilled already passed away and he is no longer here in this world. There is absolutely no chance for me to look for and find him to confess "Excuse me, but in fact, you are the person I firstly fell in love". People who are at the age of 40, there are a lot more to do. According to internet, he quit actor after graduating an elementary school, he seemed to desire to be back to actor. However, he had to go to heaven by sudden car accident...

While I was doing internet-surfing, I got to know that many people were mourning his death. Also, I had found that many girls of my generation at that time think that he was their first love, exactly the same as me. Surprisingly, I had also found that Akima-kun was broadcasted in South America, and Giant Robo in the U.S. and South America as well, many people remembered them so sweetly and voiced their sorrow and regret for his death, many places in the world.

Although I have no religion, even though human body is no longer existing, I believe the soul still exists. I was thinking what I should do if I can make Mitsunobu happy? My best answer was not to forget, and always remember him sweetly. For all people who were kids at that time and laughed and cried by watching Mitsunobu's act, and for those who watched him by rebraodcasting, and for those who love Mitsunobu not only in Japan but also in the U.S., South America and throughtout the world, I want ALL people to remember him.

And also reason why I have made this website is that for Mitsunobu's father and mother who lost only one precious sonm I would like to telll them there are a lot of fans who still love him and think of him.

I also realize that his existence is
healing. When I was exhausted and had something tiresome, I looked at him, it seems like such evil feeling (!) become white out and smoothly disappeared :-) May be he might have had such angelic power on his own :-D

According to a title of this website, I was thinking what I should do but immediately I flashed upon "Mitsunobu Kaneko Forever and Ever". If merely say "Forever" means "forever", but by adding "and ever" includes like "And them, constantly from now on" which emphasizes "forever".

This title represents my thought for Mitsunobu. He lives forever in our hearts. Although I had never had a chance to see him alive, however I do not know when I have to say good bye to this world, but I have to do well-doing in order to be able to go to heaven that Mitsunobu lives (!), and hopefully and definitely, I do want to see him in heaven.

I hope as many people in the world as possible to see this website, and remember Mitsunobu Kaneko so sweetly.

Thank you so much for reading such long words of mine. I hope you will take your time to look at attractiveness of Mitsunobu Kaneko.

Iku Kanebon - Webmaster

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