Mitsunobu Kaneko was born on September 25th, 1957 in Tokyo. He was called "Micchan". He was discovered in town by a scout of a theater company when he was a kindergartner, then he entered into show business.

During elementary school years, he was a model and juvenile actor that performed many in TV-CF, TV programs and movies, such as "Akuma-kun (literally translated: Boy Demon)", "Giant Robo (Johnny Sooko and his Flying Robot)".

Although from Secondary school to the society as he grew up, he was a general citizen. However reportedly, during 1990s, it has been said that he played in samurai dramas. He also did cameo appearance in "The Skull Soldier" produced by Masaki Kyomoto in 1992.

He passed away by car accident on June 11th 1997, at the age of 39.

(LT: literally translated)

Oka wa hana-zakari
   (LT: Hill filled with flowers - movie in 1963)

Oretachi no chi ga yurusanai
   (LT: Our blood never forgive
          - Nikkatsu movie in 1964)

   (LT: Mother - 2nd series, Story 307
       "Chase Daddy" - 1965)
Spy-catcher J3
   (NET TV, 10/1965 - 3/1966)

Kaiketsu kuro-zukin
    (LT: Black hood - NET TV, 1-4/1966)

Hyou-ten (LT: Freezing Point
           - Daiei movie in 1966)

   (LT: Boy Demon, NET TV, 10/1966 - 3/1967)

Giant Robo
   (NET TV, 10/1967 - 4/1968)

Johnny Sooko and His Flying Robot
   (Giant Robo in the US version,
    broadcasted on TV in 1970s in the U.S.A.)

   (LT: Miss Comet, TV, June 17, 1968;
    played as "Taro" in Story 51)

Maigo no tenshi
   (LT: Lost angel, NHK TV, 1/1969)

   (Story 3, TV in 1969)

Ten to chi to
   (LT: The Heaven and The Earth,
    NHK TV, 1 -12/1969)

Gaikotsu Senshi Skull Soldier
   (movie in 1992)

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