Introducing some location used in "Akuma-kun" and "Giant Robo".


This Shakujii Koen was frequently used in several stories, such as Akuma-kun's Story 1 and Story 8, hypothetically in the wood/bush in these stories. Above three pictures are the scenes in the park from the Story 3. The middle and right pictures are the shoot at Sanpo-ji Ike pond and as you can see the resting place with roof over Mephisto and Akuma-kun, now Itsukujima Jinja shrine was constructed next to the resting place.

Location of this park is in Nerima-ku in Tokyo, 7 minutes on foot from Shakujii Koen station of Seibu Ikebukuro line. This had been frequently used, as Toei's studio is in Ohizumi in Nerima-ku, where is the next town to Shakujii Koen. It must have had good circumstances to bring a mood of spooky bush, particularly Akuma-kun had.

The Story 3 of Akuma-kun was shot at Sanpo-ji Ike pond, which was just like a bog in underbush 42 years ago. At that time infrastructure had not been improved yet in the high-growth period of Japanese economy. Now there are much improved and become clean.

There are boats, not crowdy with such relaxing atomosphere. I think it must be a good idea to bring a lunch and relax while recalling "Oh! Mephisto and Akuma-kun were doing something here...".

Website for Shakujii Koen is here.


Above pictures are Shinjuku in Tokyo in 1966 - 1967, left and middle are from Akuma-kun's Story 20, and right is Giant Robo's Story 8.

This picture is Ginza from Akuma-kun's Story 6, Mephisto and Akuma-kun were flying around the Sukiyabashi Crossing toward the Ginza 4-chome Crossing in the night of Ginza.


At the scenes of sea and islands in Akuma-kun and Giant Robo, sometimes Jogashima in Kanagawa was used. Later Mitsunobu said he was looking forward to go on location.

The scenes in Jogashima were appeared in Akuma-kun's Story 4, Giant Robo's Story 6 and 7. The filming was held in 1966 and 1967, more than 40 years ago: at that time Jogashima was just like wasteland with growing glasses. However as of now, the island has been cleanly improved that people can be relaxing with recreation facilities. I could also see local fishermen and people working for fishery, it is such relaxing atomosphere.

In the Story 4 of Akuma-kun, sight spot called "Uma-no-sedoumon (literally translated: Gate by caved stone like horse's back)", which I circled on the above left picture. See how it is like.

Above middle picture is from the Story 6 of Giant Robo, the scene that the Unicorn agents waved their hands to Robo, Daisaku and Jerry flying in the sky. Here the ground is cleanly paved, the site is still there in Jogashima nowadays.

Above right picture is from the Story 7 of Giant Robo at the easternmost of the island. You can see Miura Peninsula over the sea. The digs on the cliff still remain the same nowadays.

Website for Jogashima is here.


I am introducing Kyu Furukawa Teien (literally translated: Formerly Furukawa Garden), hypothetically in Akuma-kun's Story 11, it was the spooky manor house where people were repeatedly disappeared, and in Story 17 it was also used. In Giant Robo's Story 12 it was like a den of Big Fire.

This place is 10 minutes on foot from Komagome station or Kaminakazato station (JR) in Tokyo. This house was belonged to Mr. Munemitsu Mutsu in Meiji era (1868-1911), however in the 6 year of the Taisho era (1917), the house was reconstructed as it is nowadays by the owner Baron Toranosuke Furukawa at that time.

Comparing to an ordinary house in Tokyo, the house and land are too huge. The western style house and its garden were designed by Josiah Condor, who worked out for designing many western-style constructions such as Nicholai-do (Holy Resurrection Cathedral) and Rokumei-kan (Deer-cry Hall) in Tokyo during Meiji to Taisho era. When I saw the house, I thought it was just like a castle in Scotland, later I knew that Mr. Condor was Scottish.

In order to see inside the house, you must make a reservation in advance. The inside is just like a court in England; room is not wide but large windows, which make us feel comfortable. They have Rose Garden, and a few minutes walk from the house they have Japanese Garden, which was designed by Mr. Ueharu Ogawa who was a pioneer of designing modern Japanese garden. In these 2 garden, you can satisfactorily enjoy lots of flowers with four seasons.

The shooting of the Akuma-kun's stories seemed to have done at annex next to the house where was the residence for servants, however the annex is not open for public. However when I glanced the isle from the house, it is exactly the place where Mephisto and Akuma-kun fought with specter Old Woman in the Story 11.

Website for Kyu Furukawa Teien is here.


In the scene from Story 1 of Giant Robo, Johnny and Jerry drifted and finally they got to seashore. It is the seashore down from Kawana Golf Course in Kanagawa.

Website for Kawana Golf Course is here.


In the scene that the Unicorn agents chased Doctor Botanus in the Giant Robo's Story 9, it is Kodaira Reien (Kodaira Cemetery). The site of above pictures (right and middle) are located at #13 area, and the picture (left) was water tower, however as it was deteriorated by aging, the tower was destroyed in 1998 and nothing remains nowadays.

Website for Kodaira Travel Guide is here.


In the Story 26 (Final) of Giant Robo, there was the scene that the Big Fire surrendered after gunbattle with the Unicorn, it is held at Yoshimi Hyakketsu (The hundred caves of Yoshimi).

Website for Yoshimi Hyakketsu is here.


In the Story 21 of Giant Robo, there was the scene that Jerry-U3, Mitsuko Hino-U5 and Johnny Sokko-U7 visited the building of the convent by cycling, they are around Murayama Shimo Chosui-chi Dai-ichi Shusui-tou (literally translated: Murayama Lower Reservoir, the First Head Gate). This gate was built in the 14 year of the Taisho era (1925)! It is still well for more than 80 years and design is splendid and "modern" in the view of those days of Japan.

There is not particular website explaining on Murayam Reservoir in English. If you would like to go to this place, I suggest you to seach "Lake Tama" in Tokyo.

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