Location Map of Akuma-kum, Johnny Sokko, and Ultra Seven @ Jogashima,                                               Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa, Japan

 Kanea (Seafood restaurant)      @Uma no Se Domon  DUltra Seven  APark entrance
                       (Sea cave)      BAkuma-kun  CJohnny Sokko
                                   ↑2nd Observatory
                                         ↑1st Observatory


 @Uma no Se Domon (Sea cave)

APark Entrance

BAkuma-kun: Episode 4, Paidon

CJohnny Sokko and His Flying Robot: Episode 6, Dragon, The Ninja Monster 

CJohnny Sokko and His Flying Robot: Episode 7, Our Enemy - Scalion

DUltra Seven: Episode 10, The Suspicious Neighbor

 @Uma no Se Domon (Sea cave)

In the Episode 4 "Paidon" in Akuma-kun, this is the place where Akuma-kun
asks the specter disguised as the woman "Why did you sink the ship!"
The place where they stand is rocky and difficult to stand upright,
it is only reachable by boat. I always wonder, there was no problem as wave was
quiet at that time, but if high wave came all of sudden,
their life would be in danger (^^; There must have been many
dangerous matters in the shooting at that time.

APark entrance

(Red arrow points out the reflection of Yumiko Katayama (LOL)

In Jogashima at that time, there was the office-like building in front of the parking.
When the shooting was done, the reflection of Yumiko Katayama is seen on the glass.
There is no such building now, it is the entrance of Jogashima Park as you see as follows.↓


The office-like building on the left picture, and present location on the right picture.
The lawn remains the same.

BAkuma-kun: Episode 4, Paidon


This is the rock where you can see at the right hand side. Just walk down on the stairs
from the Square next to the 1st Observatory. The shape of the rock still remains the same
since then, but the shape is slightly shaved by nature exposure.
There is a small den in the rock, the space that one person can sit.

On the death anniversary day of Mitsunobu Kaneko, on June 11th 2016,
I threw a bunch of flowers in the ocean sending my love and prayer for his soul.
After that, I stopped by again the same place at dusk before leaving the island,
iridescent clouds appeared in a moment (ノ゚ο゚)ノ

I have visited Jogashima many times, and experienced miraculous natural phenomena,
such as iridescent clouds, cap cloud, mysterious sunset, clear coloured rainbow and
clouds in a shape of dragon god.

Circled spot is the Uma no Se Domon.

In this scene, Mephisto dries the seawater "Magical power! Drought"

I took these pictures at the rocky places below the 2nd Observatory of Jogashima Park,
because these location sites are only reachable by boat. The red-circled place is the location site.
The tide was high when I took the picture, the scaffolding of
the location cannot be seen by the seawater in this picture.
The blue-circled place
is aforementioned the Uma no Se Domon.


This picture was taken when the waves were calm. The arrow points out the location site.

This is the scene of sentimental Mephisto after exterminating the Paidon,
at the square opposite to the 2nd Observatory.

Since the year 2015, Kanagawa Prefecture has been emphasizing in making Miura Peninsula
and Jogashima as the tourist sites, now they are remarkably and beautifully developed.
The first time that I visited Jogashima is in 2008, most of the sites still remained undeveloped
as the year of 1966.

Things usually change, many more people have visited Jogashima because of such development,
but I feel nostalgic nowadays for that time of 2008 in Jogashima, in which they remained
the same atomosphere of Akuma-kun..
CJohnny Sokko and His Flying Robot: Episode 6, Dragon, the Ninja Monster

The scene of the island after Unicorn Chief Azuma, U7, U5 and Johnny are on the boat.
The place is in the middle of the stars between the coast and the 2nd Observatory.

This is the scene where the Unicorn members in a car heading for a venue.
When you turn your back to the 2nd Observatory, you can see 2 paths on the
right hand side. The second path from your position is the location site.
Only the path remains here, the scenery has changed a lot now.
As you cannot drive within the Jogashima Park, the paths are narrowed for pedestrians.
In June, morning glory blooms on the both sides of the paths.

This is the scene where the Unicorn car passes through the checkpoint and head for
the venue. The left picture is the 2nd Observatory which has been rebuilt since then.

This is the scene where fake Mr. Lloyd of Canada branch is in the car but actually
they are the BF Gang (Gargoyle), shooting with shouting "All Unicorns!".
The building backwards is the 1st Observatory.

You cannot see the 1st Observatory due to trees nowadays.


The fences and scaffolding are well developed.


This is the scene where the Spider disguised as Mr. Lloyd smoking a cigarette.
The streetlight seems unchanged.

This is the scene where Johnny aims his gun at the BF Gang Gargoyle.


This is the scene where Unicorn members run to Johnny after defeating the monster
and the Gargoyle. This place is a balcony-shaped place next to the 2nd Observatory.
Johnny and U3 Jerry fly to the sky.

The place where Johnny flies to the sky, must be on the 2 to 3 steps from the last part of the stairs.


The wooden fence and ground were changed to be clean, the position of the wooden fence
slightly moved to backwards. Position of a camera shooting at Unicorn members
waving their hands supposed to be outside of the fence, but there is no such
position nowadays. Therefore, I cannot take such a photograph from that angle.

Sunset on the sea in Jogashima is extremely superb! You can see the Boso Peninsula in Chiba
on the left hand side, Ohshima in front, and the Izu Peninsula on the right hand side.
When the sky is clear, you can see Mt. Fuji from the 1st and 2nd Observatories.


In the ending scene, this is the place where Unicorn members on the ground wave louding
"Good bye" to the Giant Robo, Johnny and Jerry flying in the sky.
This photograph was taken on the way down the stairs from the 1st Observatory to
the coast. The height is the 1st Observatory.

CJohnny Sokko and His Flying Robot: Episode 7, Our enemy - Scalion

This is the scene where Johnny and Jerry disguised as the Gargoyle members
encountered the Gargoyle. This is the square next to the 1st Oservatory called
Picnic Square, where the shooting seemed to take place. Nothing remains here now
since that time, just only the circle table is put in the square.

Above this picture was taken in 2009, when the rainbow appeared and faded away in Jogashima.
The rainbow in the sky was really unexpressively beautiful.


In the Picnic Square next to the 1st Observatory, there are steps to the land side of
that Observatory. You can see the large rocky area down to the coast, where might be
the place that the Gargoyle chase Johnny and Jerry. The landform has been changed a lot
since then. The rocks pointed out by above red-colored arrows seem to be the same rock.

On the background of above 2 pictures, you can see the carved rock in the opposite shore.
The carve looks like a profile of a bird, it still remains almost the same shape now.

For the fighting scene between U3 Jerry and the Gargoyle, the landform around there has
almost changed, it is quite difficult to identify where it is. As the Boso Peninsula is seen
behind on the left picture, I will try to find out next time.

 DUltraseven: Episode 10, The Suspicious Neighbour

Above pictures are the scene where is the last part of the episode that Dan and Anne got
in the Pointer car leaving the place. This place is on the uphill on the way to the
Jogashima Park after getting off the bus at the bus stop called "Hakushu-hi mae".
It still remains the same now since then.


The scene on the above left picture almost still remains as this picture.
But there are a lot of trees on the right hand side now, you cannot see the V-shaped road
on the above right picture.

The Jogashima Ohashi Bridge, I somehow took a photograph between trees on the location site.

The Pointer car running off is...

... somewhere like this now. The picture taken on the 1st Observatory.

That is all location sites of Akuma-kun, Giant Robo (Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot) and
Ultraseven in Jogashima in the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa.
You can go there by 2 hours around from Tokyo, Lots of nature, magnificent sceneries,
very delicious seafood, such as tuna.turbo, and whitebait. Please visit there in a sunny day.

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