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Mitsunobu Kaneko Forever and Ever

Fan site for Mitsunobu Kaneko, who is the splendid juvenile actor of Showa era in Japan,
and played great performance, mainly for TV programs for children in 1960s through 1970s.

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Mitsunobu Kaneko was born on September 25th, 1957 in Tokyo. At his age of 9, he played the main charactor in "Akuma-kun" (literally translated: Boy Demon), and following year 1967 at his age of 10, he also played the main charactor in "Giant Robo" (In the U.S., "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot").

Very unfortunately from the bottom of our hearts and hugely saddest thing, Mitsunobu Kaneko passed away in 1997, at his age of 39, reportedly by car accident. It was too young to die.

When I was a 5 year old kid as a kindergartner, my heart was softly warmed as often as I saw him in the Braun tube. I wondered why my heart was thumping. Now I look back in the past, he was my first love by my love at first sight.

Now is the year of 2009. It has been 12 years, such a long time passed since he has gone to heaven. However reason why I have made this website is, just because I would like to commemorate him even though time passes by.

People who spent their childhood in 1960s and 1970s, I'm sure all of you had already watched the TV programs in which he played. I hope you will recognize his attractiveness with this website.

Also, reason why I have made this website of Mitsunobu Kaneko, I explained on the page "About This Website". Please take a glance at it to make you giggle.

It is more than 40 years ago when Mitsunobu Kaneko was the active actor. If you were a little kid at that time, I will be very happy if you could longingly recall him, relax and enjoy returning to your childhood in the time of Showa era.

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